Q. : What does I get with the rental package?
A. : Concentrator, 14 and 25 ft tubing , nasal cannulas or oxygen mask, user manual, Humidifier and free 24/7 technical support.

Q. : How to set up an oxygen an oxygen concentrator ?
A. : Regulated health care professional will set up an oxygen concentrator and educate in operating and maintenance of the unit and answer any                    questions you might have.

Q. : How do I check my Oxygen Level at home ?
A. : A regulated health care professional visit your home to check your oxygen level and also recommend what flow of oxygen is required.
      If you regularly use oxygen, it’s good idea to get a Finger Pulse Oximeter.

Q. : How do I rent an Oxygen Concentrator ?
A. : To rent an Oxygen Concentrator, simply fill out the rental form, which requires your name, phone number and rental dates and we will get in touch        with you within 24 hour.

Q. : Can I use Oxygo in the flight ?
A. : Yes, Oxygo is approved by FAA and can be use in the Flight. Additional batteries are recommended for long duration flights.